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I’m James, a stop-motion/2D/cartoonist located on the Central Coast of California. I’ve been animating for 15+ years, and have worked on a variety of projects for clients such as Tongal, LEGO, Pethub, and Slugbooks.

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James was an animator on a series of LEGO stop-motion promos I directed for The Big Bang Theory and The Batman LEGO Movie. His expertise with LEGO was an asset to the production- he created excellent animation very quickly and was a pleasure to direct.
— Ethan Marak, Animator/Director
The team at Chuwawa are second to none and the results superb. They go the extra mile to ensure the client is deeply happy every time. They are creative, inventive, professional - and fun to work with too.
— Alain de Botton, The School of Life
James created eye-catching videos for a bestselling Klutz book, LEGO Make Your Own Movie, including crystal-clear step-by-step images for a how-to guide on animation for kids ages 8 and up. He delivers high-quality work on a fast-paced schedule, and seamlessly incorporates feedback from licensing partners. Even within a strict style guide, James builds wildly creative set designs and props full of kid-friendly humor and exacting attention to detail.
— Caitlin Harpin, Editorial Director, KLUTZ


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About Me


I started animating when I was 11 years old, with a clunky ol’ camcorder. Now in my late 20’s, I’ve turned my passion for animation and cartoons into a full-time freelance career.